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Designer Previews began in 1985 as the country's first and most innovative referral service in helping homeowners select a design professional. It remains to this day the most comprehensive and objective way in which one can not only review the work and portfolios of a select grouping of premier interior designers and architects but determine which best suits the needs and criteria of the project.

This matchmaking process involves either on-premise or online consultations to help ascertain the project parameters and design preferences of the homeowner and then find a corresponding fit with the stylistic work and personality of the designer.

Designer Previews helps clients focus on all of the factors involved in making such an important choice and assists throughout the process of selecting the final candidate.

All design professionals are carefully screened and have demonstrated a history of satisfying their clients. Our goal is to establish a good fit upfront to insure a long lasting and successful association. Designer Previews also brings insight into the expectations and responsibilities of both parties to better foster that success.

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"The professional design matchmaker, like Designer Previews, is able to decipher the home-owner's vision and help articulate it." Chicago Tribune 

Showing the work of more than 30 superb interior designers and architects to help you select the best based on your style and personal requirements through personal consultations or on-line real-time presentations anywhere.

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